Welcome to Marble Cleaning Belfast’s new site where we hope to showcase a little of ourselves, our services and our procedures. We have a very experienced team of competent professionals each with an in- depth knowledge and understanding of marble cleaning. We know tiles! We have been involved in the installation and restoration of tiles, marble and stone in general for more than twenty years and have seen most of the problems which arise in the homes and businesses of the Belfast area on a daily basis. With this understanding of common and uncommon problems we have developed our own systems, adapted industry systems and use proprietary systems from other companies after a training programme.

Marble Cleaning Belfast believe that we are uniquely positioned to offer a service which leaves the marble floors of Belfast clean and sealed, cost effectively and punctually with a local company’s guarantee. We have invested heavily in training and equipment so that your floor gets the best treatment at the best price in the quickest and tidiest manner possible. All our staff are highly trained, highly motivated and keen to resolve your flooring problems.

Marble cleaning Belfast care about floors. We are enthusiastic about our work and approach each and every job with an eagerness to resolve the issues with the floor and to give back to the customer a floor which is without problems and is presented in its best state. We love to take old stained, scratched and lipped floors and return a flat, clear and polished floor which is sealed for protection.

Our Services

Some of the services which we offer are:

  • Lippage removal: where we diamond grind off the lippage from the floor leaving it flat. This removes any potential trip hazards and dirt traps at the edge of tiles.

  • Diamond honing: where we pass diamond abrasives over the floor to an increasingly high grit leaving the floor at a honed finish. This is a deep lustrous finish and whilst not so shiny or glossy as a high polish it is often thought to be more characterful and more beautiful. Diamond polishing: Where we continue passing higher grit diamonds over the floor to the extent that the floor attains a very high mirror like reflective character. This is the most popular finish for marble finishing and when properly sealed can proved easy to maintain when a proper maintenance regime is adhered to.

  • Compound/powder Polishing: where we pass high speed floor machines over the marble floor in conjunction with polishing compound to achieve a high polish finish.

  • Wax finish: where we finish the floor with a bees wax type topical sealer for that characterful look and ease of maintenance for a long time into the future.

These are a small smattering of the services we offer. Please see our main site for a more in-depth insight into our company, our services and the type of company which we run. Thank you for reading and we at Marble Cleaning Belfast look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Us

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Alternatively, email us at info@marblecleaningbelfast.co.uk